Zenquiu Lab team aims to propose innovative solutions through projects developed from a social entrepreneurship perspective. The goal is to generate responses to social and environmental challenges through educational experiences addressed, mainly, to students and their families. And, in order to achieve it, games and game elements are used as learning tools. The aim is that those experiences generated by Zenquiu Lab have a positive effect on the improvement of social welfare and natural environment. And, at the same time, they are developed in a sustainable way by means of creating new products and services with social functions.

The values of the projects developed by Zenquiu Lab are:

  • Contributing to social cohesion.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle among school children.
  • Developing social skills in children.
  • Promoting respect for the environment, specially towards reducing food waste.

Zenquiu Lab Projects

Eat in English

Eat in English, the educational experience to promote a healthy lifestyle by developing social skills.

Pesa i Pensa

Weigh and Think, the tool for raising children’s awareness of the benefits of reducing food waste.


Whatsamenja, the App to improve communication in educational communities.